Hi, I'm Yaseen, a UI/UX Designer

a man with a hat and a motorcycle helmet
a man with a hat and a motorcycle helmet
― About Me

Greetings, I'm Muhammad Yaseen, an enthusiastic UI/UX designer. I specialize in crafting intuitive and user-focused designs that make a lasting impact. Let's collaborate to develop meaningful interactions and enhance your digital footprint. Are you prepared to push the boundaries of design? Let's embark on this journey together!

― Skills
  • Design UX, UI

  • Design Mobile App

  • Website Design

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AI created Image of Yaseen
AI created Image of Yaseen
― Work experience
UI/UX Designer

Abacus Multimedia Pvt Limited July 2019 - Present

As a UI/UX Designer at Abacus Multimedia Pvt Limited since 2019, I've led the design of intuitive digital experiences across various platforms. By blending aesthetics with functionality and leveraging user research, I've crafted engaging interfaces that drive product innovation. In an agile environment, I continuously iterate designs based on user feedback, ensuring our products remain ahead of the curve. My role has been integral in delivering impactful solutions that elevate user experiences and fuel business growth.

― Education
Abbottabad University Of Science And Technology

Graduations, Software Engineering / 2014 - 2018

― Courses
3D Animator

Urraan / 2019

Company Director

Abacus Multimedia Pvt Limited / Dec 2019 - Present

As Director at Abacus Multimedia Pvt Limited since December 2019, I've led strategic initiatives driving growth and innovation. Responsibilities include business development, project management, and fostering a dynamic work culture. Committed to excellence, integrity, and client satisfaction, I've guided the company to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market. Looking forward to further success in the future.

Graphic Designing

Connected Pakistan / 2016


Connected Pakistan / 2016

"Design creates culture, Culture shapes values, Values determine the future."

- Robert L. Peters

― Crash S. Downes

"Solid Figma designer. Quick turnaround and decent communication."

"Yaseen nailed our To-Do app icon! The design is perfect—simple, eye-catching, and spot-on for our brand. Yaseen's responsiveness and skill make them a top choice for any design project."

― Antonio Gallo

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